“I’m here illegally and I am unhappy about the accommodations!”

WARNING: By my own admission, I am one of those deplorables that cling to God and my guns and believe that there is a God, homosexuality is wrong, illegal aliens are criminals and need to be deported, Muslims are not to be trusted and I don’t owe anyone health care, free tuition, birth control or … Continue reading ““I’m here illegally and I am unhappy about the accommodations!””

WARNING: By my own admission, I am one of those deplorables that cling to God and my guns and believe that there is a God, homosexuality is wrong, illegal aliens are criminals and need to be deported, Muslims are not to be trusted and I don’t owe anyone health care, free tuition, birth control or abortions. If that makes me racist, biased, homophobic, xenophobic or any other phobia I may be guilty of, I can live with that. It is my right as an American citizen. I do believe that you have a right to believe I am all of those things and you have a right to believe that I am an awful person because of it. But I do have the right  to be what I want as long as it is not against the law. People like me are finding it more difficult to be “lawful” with all the changes in our society today. But I wanted to warn any readers so they may decide to stop here and not read any further.

So now we live in a country where a person can enter illegally, complain about the accommodations and sue the government because of it. This is largely due to the Democratic Congress wanting to stop anything President Trump wants to do…good or bad. They don’t care, they are against it before they even hear or read it. So what? That’s politics. But it is costing me money.

ABC News reports on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, “Mom testifies ‘world should know what is happening’ to detained kids”

This woman is suing the US Government because her daughter died six weeks after being held in federal custody. Yes, you read that correctly – six weeks after.

Why were they in federal custody? They crossed the border illegally. She endangered the life of her daughter by including her in a federal crime.

Yazmin Juarez told the world, through a translator, that the world should know what is happening to so many children in ICE detention. Like she really gives a shit about treatment of children in the US. She is claiming wrongful death after her daughter, supposedly, became sick while in US ICE custody and died six weeks after they were released. Again (for emphasis) six weeks after they were released.

Yazmin and the child were put on a plane to NJ to fly to the home of Yazmin’s mother and the child’s condition worsened during the flight. The child was in and out of hospitals in NJ (according to ABC News story) https://abcnews.go.com/US/death-guatemalan-toddler-detained-ice-sparks-60-million/story?id=59640202 and died six weeks later. Of course, the reason she died was due to the inadequate care she received while in the ICE detention facility in Dilley, TX six weeks prior to her death.

The story tells of the uncertain future for Yazmin after this tragedy. Yazmin states that of all the ugly things she lived in Guatemala, she had so many dreams, hopes and expectations but she is sure she knows why her daughter died. “I think it is because they did not care,” she said. “They didn’t care.” (The ABC News article omitted the fact that she probably had to use a translator)

Critics say that Mariee’s case is not an isolated one. Human Rights Watch said the medical records for 52 ICE detainees who’ve died since 2010 showed that half of those deaths were linked to substandard medical care. So excuse me, but am I supposed to give a damn about the deaths, due to substandard medical care, of illegals (criminals in the eye of the law) when we have veterans dying due to the fact that there is not enough money or medical care available to them and some are dying while waiting in line to get to see a doctor. To our indigent, homeless Americans? To our elderly, ailing Americans on fixed income with no insurance? Sorry. Call me an asshole but I put Yazmin and her daughter at the end of the line. While I believe the death of any infant or child is tragic, her mother had a hand in this.

It could also mean that those that have died where sick when they got here. Something else the news article did not address was the health of the child before coming to the detention center. The article stated the child developed respiratory problems while in detention. The records show that she did not appear sick when she entered the facility. How do we know the child was not already sick with a respiratory disease and the symptoms had just not manifested? Was she vaccinated? When was the last time she saw a doctor? How do we know she has not brought an unwanted, eradicated disease back into the US? The article never really disclosed the actual cause of death other than respiratory issues. That could be a common cold.

What is substandard medical care? Just because one dies due to an untreated medical condition does not necessarily mean the care was “substandard”? Out of the thousands of illegals that have crossed our borders in the years since 2010, if there have been only 52 deaths that would be approximately six deaths a year. Again, we don’t know how many of those may have been sick upon arrival. If half of those died because of substandard medical care, that means that 26 people in nine years died preventable deaths, or three people a year. I personally think this is an extremely good record considering the thousands that pour over into a system that was not designed to accommodate or medically treat the numbers that are now detained in these facilities.

But what if one crossed the border and was, for example, a diabetic and didn’t tell anyone or even know himself? If he was to die because he did not receive treatment for a disease that was not diagnosed, is that substandard care?

So, on November 27, lawyers for Yazmin filed a wrongful death suit for $60 million claiming the medical care she received at the detention facility was woefully inadequate, neglectful and substandard. This leads one to ask, “Why did her mother bring her to such a “woefully inadequate, neglectful and substandard” healthcare system when she was apparently  happy, healthy and alive in Guatemala? Is the mother not responsible for putting the child in such danger?

Yazmin and her daughter, after their release from the detention facility, flew to New Jersey to be with Yazmin’s mother. Why didn’t they just fly to New Jersey under a visa instead of entering the country illegally? That way, she would have avoided being detained in Dilley and the ensuing illness. According to Yazmin, no medical personnel examined or cleared her for the flight. The responsibility of the parent or guardian to insure the safety of the child so if she was never cleared for the flight but Yazmin, knowing the child was sick, took her anyway, whose fault is that?

Next, I wonder how Yazmin decided that her daughter’s death could be forgiven for $60 million? Where did she get that number? Yazmin will be 39.6 million dollars richer if she wins her suit and that is assuming her lawyers are only taking the usual 33%. In her case, I wouldn’t be surprised if their share was more.

However it is divided, one thing is for certain and that is it will come at the cost of the taxpayer  and if she is successful, it will cause a flood of additional lawsuits.