I’m 1 American. Only 1. I’m a Christian. I’m still married to the girl I met 38 years ago. I raised a house full of kids. I’m 1 American. I don’t feel that unique. Like everybody else, for years I have voted for certain people to be in office and trusted them to do their job. I had things to do. I voted for the individual I thought was the best choice and then I went back to earning a living expecting that the person I voted for would do what I had asked them to do. Like many other people, I feel betrayed by those I voted for. I am dismayed at the prospects for improvement. I am utterly bewildered at the fact that for years, all we’ve had to vote for was simply the lesser of two evils. I am extraordinarily pissed off at the games these individuals play with our lives.

Like you, I find it difficult to be this concerned without doing something. When your kids are hurt, you comfort them. When something threatens you or your family, you react in some way. This is my way. Our country, our states, our freedom, our very existence is in jeopardy. I don’t want to write things down just because I think I have the answer. I’m looking for the answer.  It’s an extremely odd sensation to sit down and write something for the sole purpose of consumption by someone else, but we have to get together. That’s what makes this country great. Americans stand together.

I’m 1.

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