Racism and Other Rants

The news today, July 10, 2015, is the South Carolina legislature has voted to take down the Confederate Flag on the Capitol grounds and so in a televised ceremony, it was taken down.  This will supposedly fix the race tensions in America today because the Confederate Flag is a symbol of hate, racism and division. … Continue reading “Racism and Other Rants”

The news today, July 10, 2015, is the South Carolina legislature has voted to take down the Confederate Flag on the Capitol grounds and so in a televised ceremony, it was taken down.  This will supposedly fix the race tensions in America today because the Confederate Flag is a symbol of hate, racism and division.

All of this in the wake of the horrible church murders by a sick mind.  Yes, he was racist but I don’t think the Confederate Flag had a whole lot to do with his state of mind.  A sick mind adopted a symbol and now the whole country must be banned from displaying it or be labeled racist.  The PC police are on the warpath and politicians, merchants and racial agitators are quick to use this opportunity as a means to further their agenda.

So, that got me to thinking….

If we should ban the Confederate Flag because it once stood for slavery, oppression and  intolerance, let’s ban everything that has an intolerant connection to history so we can have a perfect history.  So I have a list.  It is too easy to start with the Civil War so let’s go back a little further.

George Washington – Ole Georgie owned slaves.  Father of our country or not, we need to rid our society of all things that once stood or now stands for racism so he has to go.  He has to be taken off of the dollar and quarter.  His memorial can be used for a giant sundial.  Washington state and Washington DC will have to change their names and the Washington Redskins will have to get a new name as well as a new mascot.

Thomas Jefferson – Yeah, he basically wrote the Declaration but he owned slaves.  So he has to be taken off the nickel and his memorial in DC can be used as a homeless shelter.  Also, since he was the major architect of the Declaration and Constitution, those have to be retired.  We aren’t really using the Constitution any more anyway.

The Supreme Court – Read the Dred Scott case.  They ruled that since ole Dred was a black slave, he was not a citizen of the United States and as such not entitled to protection under our laws.  Those racist bastards!  I don’t care what they say they stand for now, they stand for racism since they made a racist ruling even though it was over 100 years ago.  They have to go.

Abraham Lincoln – What!?  The Great Emancipator?  Honest Abe?  Lincoln is oft quoted on his views on slavery.  He said that if he could preserve the union without freeing one slave, he would do so.  In fact, in the Douglas debate he stated that the White Race was superior to the Negro Race.  So, he gets taken off the penny and the five dollar bill.  His memorial can be used as a bird sanctuary.

Then you come to the Civil War.  There are too many symbols to mention here.  You have R E Lee, Stonewall, and Jeff Davis just to name a few.  We will have to get rid of the color gray.  You have Southern Belles and plantations that have to be eradicated.  Cotton!  We have to quit using cotton because it summons up visions of blacks picking it in the fields.  You have all of those Confederate dead buried in cemeteries that will have to be removed.  The mayor of Memphis has the bright idea to dig up Nathan Bedford Forest and his wife and put them anywhere else even though I doubt that most folks knew he was buried in Memphis or even who he is.  But he has to go because he was the leader of the KKK.

Aw crap!  The letter K has to go too! The KKK is the flagship for racism so the letter K will have to be removed.  It has to be taken off of every keyboard, sign, alphabet and name.  If your name has a K in it, you have 30 days to change it.  What is Kansas and Kentucky going to do?  How will Louis Farrakhan change his name?  I guess it doesn’t matter because he is a racist agitator so he will have to go to.

Nigger – (Gasp) Oh no!  I said it!  I know because I am white, I can’t say nigger but I am only putting it here because the blacks can.  Racism works both ways so that will have to go.  So Amazon, Sears, Target and Wal-Mart, all vendors that were so quick to ban the Confederate Flag, must stop selling rap and hip-hop music along with Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino movies.  I know the argument is that the music and movies are “art” but so are the books Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn and if they have to go, it is only fair that Pulp Fiction and Boyz in the Hood be gone with them.

NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – It is considered derogatory to call black people “colored”.  Or at least it is unless they have changed that rule and I missed it.  So, the NAACP has to go because its’ very name is offensive to black people.

Let’s just look at the American Flag.  How many American Indians were massacred by soldiers under the banner of the American flag?  They were considered an inferior race and we had a right to take the land.  To do so, we either killed them or slaughtered their food supply so we could starve them into submission.  But the government would care and provide for them.  So they were crowded onto tiny reservations, fed rotting food, given substandard medical care and treated like, well, like animals.  But they were Indians so it didn’t matter.  I don’t know what the Navajo word for racism is or if they even had one before we came along.

Do you think that every Union soldier in the Civil War fought just to abolish slavery?  If you check again I think you will find there were still slaves in the North while the war raged on.  The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the southern, Confederate States and nowhere else.  It freed the slaves only in the states that, at that time, had succeeded from the Union and didn’t recognize the government in Washington anyway.  So, Old Glory will have to have a ceremony of its’ own so that banner of racism can be retired as well.  Anything with an American flag has to go too.

This is pretty ridiculous, right?  This could go on and on.

You think every Confederate soldier in the Civil War fought just to preserve slavery?  The vast majority of those that fought and died were too poor to own slaves.  One would think that unless there were other issues at stake, an owner of a small farm without any slaves would take the position that if the big plantations wanted slaves, it would be their problem.

Maybe it was a young country going through growing pains.  Maybe there were a lot of issues that were involved and any one of those issues can be picked by anybody to use as the real reason there was a Civil War.  You just need to pick the one that will further your agenda.

I’ve never owned a slave.  I have never known a slave.  It was abolished over 100 years ago.  Could it be time to move on?  Maybe it is still a hot topic because it is just a tool used by those trying to get something they want or obtain power.

Anyone can adopt any symbol and use it for good or bad.  Years back, there were several gangs that adopted Looney Tunes cartoon characters or the logo for the NFL Oakland Raiders as their symbols.  So you have to be careful not to wear their symbols for fear of being labeled as one of them.  The gays have the rainbow flag for their symbol so I can’t use anything rainbow because I don’t support that either.  When people do see my Gadsen Flag hanging from my post, they probably surmise that I am a gun owner and want to shoot someone.  So does that mean all of this should be banned because I, or someone else, may find it offensive?

I used to use a phrase all the time that would sum up my thoughts about the many unsolvable issues in our society.  I wished I had thought of it but I actually think I heard it somewhere and I adopted it as mine.  It goes, “Live over it or die pissed off!”  I think I would now like to amend that to “Live over it or shut the fuck up!”




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