Random Thoughts

There’s a lot being said over this video “Plandemic” being passed around, taken down, re-posted, etc. This doctor has all this information, but is it a doctor doing the talking, is it true? There are an equal number of videos out there refuting what is said. Tit for tat, tat for tit and the drumming goes on and on.

One of the most disturbing things you can do, whether you are liberal or conservative, is read the posts on news stories on any website. Take your pick. It doesn’t matter which. If you are in possession of any sense whatsoever, you will come away with one feeling – “my God, these people vote”. Doesn’t matter if it’s a conservative site or liberal, you will come away with the same feeling.

Do us all a favor. Stop believing what you’re told on Youtube. It’s no better than CNN. Just somebody looking for their 15 minutes. Research it for yourself. Make up your own fucking mind. Act accordingly.

Enjoy below. No grand solutions. Just some free thoughts.