About 100 Percent

You are 100 percent responsible for what you do. Period. It’s a fact, plain and simple. You can justify, you can crawfish, you can blame all you want. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions, what you said, what you did, what you thought, how you acted, if you lied, if you didn’t, what you called that guy who cut you off in traffic, how you reacted and what you gestured to him even if you kept it below the dashboard and no one saw it. You are responsible. You cant’ hide. You can’t avoid it. It’s a law of the universe. It’s been here for all time. Eve was responsible for her failure when she took the apple. Adam was responsible for his failure when he listened to Eve and ate of the apple. Once given the ability to choose, we became responsible for that choice. How we look, how we respond, how we act, our attitude, our acceptance of responsibility, is all our choice. Blame doesn’t exist. When you accept responsibility for your actions, there is no such thing. Take responsibility.

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