If we’re going to discuss, we have to have some boundaries or guidelines, if you will, about what words we use actually mean. This list can and will grow. Notice the periods at the end of each line. You can talk about, discuss and hammer each subject all you want; but, in its simplest and purist form, each word’s definition ends with the period.

Atheist – a person who is pissed off at God for something some Christian did to them

Power – the ability to exert one’s will over another.

Politics – the pursuit and exercise of power. Note: politics has nothing to do with government.

Intelligence – the ability of a person to learn.

I. Q. – the measure of a person’s ability to learn.

Ignorance – the result of a person’s willingness, or lack thereof,┬áto learn. Note: that’s why some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known are also some of the most ignorant.

Accountability is the acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions

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